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Wagfors WESS is a power management system that easily could be implemented in existing as well as new lighting installations. The idea of the system is to save energy during the time when there are no or little activity without compromising safety. This savings are achieved by lowering the system voltage, which not only reduces energy consumption and reduces electricity costs, but also increases life of the bulbs.



Suitable areas for WESS power management system are be street lighting, sports centers, park lighting, yards, garages, industrial zones, assembly halls, shopping centers and similar areas that normally require much light.


* Simple installation of WESS unit entail low installation cost. No modifications of existing lighting needs to be done.
* Lighting is practically unchanged, which is important for safety and security.
* The voltage drops in steps of 5V, which makes WESS system to  handle more sensitive bulbs.
* Central control and increased lifespan of connected lights and leads to lower maintenance costs as well.
* Four fixed voltage levels, 210V, 195V, 190V and 185V for maximum energy savings.
* Activation of WESS unit is controlled by an external signal as example, a weekly timer, light relay or other form of control.
* The lifespan of a WESS system is estimated to 15-25 years.






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